Andy John Gray, MD
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Payment Options

Patients join Dr. Gray's practice throughout the year. Dr. Gray is pleased to offer several plans for his retainer-based practice. Patients can take advantage of an individual plan, a family plan which offers retainer discounts for multiple family members, or a corporate plan designed for small employers.

For individual and family plans, retainer payment can be made either in one or two installments, or we are pleased to offer a payment plan that allows you to stretch the retainer out over a 12 month period via a bank draft with a 5% fee.

Corporate plans are set up based on a billing cycle - please contact Susan DeVore in our office at 785-0600 for further information on any of our payment plans.

Insurance - Non-Medicare

In the first years of our Concierge practice, insurance companies didn't understand the value of this type of practice. After meeting with several of them and sharing our success stories with them, many now recognize the Concierge model and pay plan benefits for services received in our office directly to the patient. They recognize the high quality and cost effectiveness of having their customers treated more timely and thoroughly by a physician that takes an unhurried approach to patient care.

When a patient is seen in our office, an invoice is sent to the insurance company with instructions to either pay plan benefits directly to the patient, or to apply to their deductible.

Insurance - Medicare

Medicare works with Dr. Gray in that it will still cover any lab, x-ray, hospitalization or surgery, etc. like always, however they do not pay Dr. Gray for his physician time in the office, which is why we charge the retainer. He still rounds on his patients in the hospital and oversees their care as part of his service to the patient. The retainer is an out of pocket expense for our Medicare patients, but the peace of mind they have knowing he is there for them 24/7, and that they will be seen the same day or very next day is well worth the fee. Approximately 1/3 of our practice is Medicare patients.

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